Balloon Decor With Gold Pack

Price:2999 /-

Surprise your loved one with a room filled with balloons. Get hundreds of balloons to decorate a room or home and surprise someone with this amazing setup when they come back home! A perfect surprise at home for birthdays and anniversaries.

What’s included:-

250 balloons decoration with ribbons at your location
1/2 Half kg cake with the option to choose a flavour of your choice
60-80 balloons with ribbons are placed on the ceiling
24 printed photos
Flower petals and candle decoration
Delivered to your home

Need to Know:-

You will have to provide a Stool or Ladder to reach the ceiling
Your address, balloon colors and any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking.
Increase the balloons or add more surprise. elements by selecting more customisations

For same day bookings please call us at 9643 403 334

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