Explosion Box

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Express your love by gifting your loved one an amazing helium balloons!
As the box explodes with balloons & photos it articulates the magic of love. Explosion box is a perfect metaphor for love. When the box will open a bunch of balloons will rise high. There will be special imported Italian balloon inside the box.  based on the occasion with an appropriate message like:-“Happy Birthday”, “I love you”, “Will you marry me” “I miss you”, “Happy Anniversary”.

The personalisation of photos make it full of effort and compassion. The box holds balloons like your heart holds your loved one. The lights inside show how your world is lit up by their presence. Make your celebrations full of smiles and happiness with a surprise explosion box full of joy.

What’s included:-
➣ 1.5’4 ft gift box
➣ 6 to 10 Helium balloons
➣ 30 photographs (taken from you after the booking)
➣ Personalized Message written on one Flap
➣ Led Lights arranged in a shape of heart
➣ Delivery to your given address in Delhi-NCR

Need to Know:-
➣ Surge will be applied for same day bookings.
➣ Giftbox contains helium balloons, personalized message, beautifully arranged photographs, cool stickers.
➣ Experience can be curated for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids, parents & friends.
➣ Please open up the box within 2 hours of delivery or the balloons might not fly out as balloons loose their pressure overtime.
➣ Increase the cake, bouquet, wine and add more surprise elements by selecting more customisations.
➣ This package is only available in Delhi, Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

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