Midnight Celebration

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Life is a journey and some key milestones need to be celebrated tastefully. Surprise your loved one as they walk into a room set-up in slightly naughty and slightly romantic fashion. Eventcreat professionals will come at a pre-agreed time and prepare the room for your love one.

As the clock strikes 12 at midnight, you ring doorbell and as your loved one opens the door, they are up for a pleasant surprise. Be it your first anniversary or your loved one’s birthday, these 20 minutes, by the door, will stay with your partner for a long long time.

What’s included:-
➣ 6 photographs
➣ ½ KG Cake with the option to choose a flavor of your choice
➣ 10 Roses Bouquet.
➣ Decorations with 6 helium balloons 20-30 air-filled balloons, candles & small decorations
➣ Portable Bluetooth speaker – used to play Birthday/Anniversary music as the door opens.
➣ Set up the location

Need to Know:-
➣ Experience can be curated for girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, kids, parents & friends.
➣ Helium balloons will stay for 3-5 hours so prepare for the surprise only when you have maximum 4-5 hours.
➣ Increase the Lantern or add more surprise elements by selecting more customisations.

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